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How to get to Togakushi Jinjya(Togakushi Shrine)


Togakushi Jinjya

At the Togakushi Shrine, there are five separate shrines: Okusha, Chusha, Hokosha, Kuzuryusha, and Hinomikosha.


On the map, the top left is Okusha and Kuzuryusha, the middle is Chusha, the bottom left is Hokosha, and the bottom right is Hinomikosha.


Each of the five shrines has a nearby parking lot, allowing visitors to park near the shrine they wish to visit and walk to the respective shrine.


The directions to "Okusha" and "Kuzuryusha"

Okusha / Kuzuryusha"
Togakushi Jinjya

The two shrines, Okusha and Kuzuryusha, are located next to each other.


Okusha enshrines Ame-no-Tajikarao-no-mikoto, associated with blessings for good luck, wish fulfillment, abundant harvests, and success in sports. At Kuzuryusha, the deity revered is Kuzuryu-no-Ookami, respected as a rain-summoning deity, a god against toothaches, and a deity for matchmaking.


To reach Okusha and Kuzuryusha, visitors can park near the entrance to the Okusha approach and walk for about 40 minutes. Among the five shrines, this is the farthest, but the pathway is well-maintained, allowing visitors of all ages, from children to the elderly, to easily walk and pay their respects.


The straight and expansive cedar-lined path at Togakushi Shrine is famous.

f:id:CNwriting:20210525091723j:image The cedar-lined path, extending 500 meters, also lies along the way to Okusha. This avenue of ancient Japanese cedar trees, known as Kumasugi, boasts a collective age of 400 years and holds designation as a historical site and natural monument in Nagano Prefecture.


The directions to "Chusha"


Togakushi Jinjya

The deity enshrined at Chusha is Amenoyagokoro-Omoikane-no-Mikoto, associated with academic success, business prosperity, good luck, warding off misfortune, and household safety. Within the precincts, are sacred trees surpassing 700 years old and three Japanese cedar trees over 800 years old.


To reach Chusha, visitors can park nearby and arrive after a short walk.


The directions to "Hokosha"


Togakushi Jinjya

The deity enshrined at Hokosha is Amenouwaharu-no-Mikoto, associated with pioneering spirit, academic and artistic endeavors, sewing, safe childbirth, and protection for women and children. Hokosha also has a nearby free parking lot, allowing visitors to park and easily reach the shrine with a short walk.


The directions to "Hinomikosha"


Togakushi Jinjya

The deity enshrined at Hinomikosha includes the primary deity Amenouzume-no-Mikoto and three other deities: Takemikazuchi-no-Mikoto, Tajikarao-no-Mikoto, and Amenotokotachi-no-Mikoto. They are revered as gods of dance, matchmaking, and fire prevention. Within the precincts are two cedar trees (husband and wife trees) over 500 years old.


Near Hinomikosha, there's also a free parking lot available, allowing visitors to park and easily reach the shrine with a short walk.


Visiting all five shrines on foot


Togakushi Tourism Association

Visiting all five shrines on foot is also quite popular.


For those who wish to visit the five shrines of Togakushi Shrine on foot, you can tour all five shrines while walking along the ancient paths.



I introduced Togakushi Shrine. The most famous and popular spot there is the Okusha. When I have limited time, I focus on visiting just the Okusha, walking through the cedar-lined path, and offering my prayers.


The other day when I visited the Okusha, the sunlight filtering through the fresh green leaves and the singing of nightingales felt incredibly soothing.


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