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Hakuba Valley Day Pass - The Price, Purchase Methods, and Usage

The Hakuba Valley Day Pass grants access to all ski resorts in Hakuba with just one lift ticket. It ranges from a 1-day pass to a 10-day pass, allowing visitors to explore more than one ski resort within a single day.


For instance, you could ski at Tsugaike in the morning and switch to Goryu 47 in the afternoon. Or if you were skiing at Happo-One and the lifts stopped due to strong winds, you could move to Hakuba Iwatake, which is less affected by the wind. It offers a lot of flexibility.


Additionally, on the days you use the pass, you can ride the paid shuttle buses connecting Hakuba's ski resorts for free.
※ Night skiing and night shuttle buses are not available with this pass.


The price list for the Hakuba Valley Day Pass 

The prices for the Hakuba Valley Day Pass are as follows:


Adult: Junior high school age and above (13 years old and older)
Child: Elementary school age (6 years old to 12 years old)
Preschooler: Free for children aged 5 years old and below (Free for children under 3 years old at Jiigatake Ski Resort and Hakuba Iwatake Ski Resort)


List of The Hakuba Valley Day Pas Accepting Lift Tickets

The Hakuba Valley Day Pass can be used at the following ski resorts:

  • Hakuba Happo-One Ski Resort
  • Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort
  • Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort
  • Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort
  • Hakuba Cortina Ski Resort
  • Hakuba Norikura Onsen Ski Resort
  • Hakuba Sanosaka Ski Resort
  • Jiigatake Ski Resort
  • Kashimayari Ski Resort


Please note that at Jiigatake Ski Resort, the exchange of the Hakuba Valley Day Pass is not available directly. Visitors should exchange the pass at other participating resorts before use. At Jiigatake Ski Resort, visitors need to deposit the Hakuba Valley Day Pass and will be provided with a Jiigatake Ski Resort lift ticket.


How you can purchase the Hakuba Valley Day Pass

Here's how you can purchase the Hakuba Valley Day Pass:

  1. Purchase lift tickets online (membership registration required).
  2. Receive an "Order Confirmation Email" and a "QR Code Email."
  3. Display the QR code or pickup code from the "QR Code Email" and present it to the ticket counter staff or use the SKIOSK (automatic vending machine) to exchange it for the lift ticket.

For individuals with rechargeable lift tickets, when purchasing lift tickets online, enter the printed number on the lift ticket to recharge it, allowing direct access to the lifts.


How to use the shuttle bus with the Hakuba Valley Day Pass

Here's how to use the shuttle bus with the Hakuba Valley Day Pass:

On the day you plan to use the Hakuba Valley Day Pass, you can ride the paid shuttle buses connecting the ski resorts in Hakuba for free. There will be a lift ticket confirmation when boarding.


To ride for free, you need to ensure that your lift ticket has the data indicating the day of use. Follow these steps:

Make sure your lift ticket reflects the date of intended use.

Board the shuttle bus and present your lift ticket for confirmation.


If you have a lift ticket charged online:

When purchasing through an online charge, the purchase process alone doesn’t input data onto your physical lift ticket. By approaching the ski resort's lift gate sensor, the data gets written onto your ticket, allowing you to ride the shuttle bus for free after using it at the ski resort.


For new purchases:

Upon a new purchase, exchange it at the ski resort's ticket counter for the valid-day Hakuba Valley Day Pass. Following this exchange, you'll be eligible for free shuttle bus rides.


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