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What is Hamaya and Kumade in Japan

Hamaya / Kumade

"Hamaya" and "Kumade" are traditional Japanese talismans. People visit shrines during the New Year and purchase "Hamaya" and "Kumade" for protection and good luck.




"Hamaya" wards off malevolent forces or 'ma' (evil)to purify the surroundings.




"Kumade" is meant to 'sweep in' good fortune and luck.


You often see "Kumade" displayed in shops, particularly those in business. It's advisable to start with a smaller one when choosing a "Kumade" for the first time. It's said that as your business flourishes over the years, it's good to increase the size of your "Kumade."


How to Display "Hamaya" and "Kumade"?

Where should you display "Hamaya" and "Kumade"?


How to Display "Hamaya":

An important aspect of displaying "Hamaya" is to place it higher than eye level as a sign of respect towards the divine. It's often placed on household altars or beams.


How to Display "Kumade":

Similarly, "Kumade" should also be displayed above eye level. It's commonly placed at entrances to 'sweep in' luck. Additionally, indoors, it's often seen near household altars.