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Hakuba Foods

Itadaki Bakery - The Best Bakery in Omachi Nagano, Japan

Itadaki Bakery is one of my favorite bakeries. The shop located Omachi Nagano, Japan. My favorites are Sandwitchies and Cinnamon apple roll. The Bakery opening Wednesday to Sunday. 10 AM to 6 PM. Normally closed Mondays and Tuesdays. Addre…

Blizzard Bar Hakuba - The Best Pizza in Hakuba!

Blizzard Bar Hakuba located 1min downhill from Happo gondola station. They have the best pizza in Hakuba - An authentic wood-fired Italian Pizza!

3 Best Coffee Shops in Hakuba

Looking for the best coffee in Hakuba? Here's the guide to finding the best coffee for you in Hakuba.

HANAIRO - The Best Gelato Shop in Hakuba

HANAIRO is the best gelato shop in Hakuba. They have more than 50 flavors, and the flavors change daily.