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Hakuba Map and Directions

Grocery Stores in Hakuba Nagano, Japan

There are three grocery stores in HAKUBA. "The Big Hakuba," "HAPIA A-coop Hakuba," and "DELiCiA Hakuba." Direction and opening hours.

Laundromats in Hakuba Nagano, Japan

Looking for a laundromat in Hakuba? There is two laundromat. The Big Hakuba "SHIN SENTAKU-SEIKATSU" and "SHABON HAKUBA."

How to use Japanese Crosswalk Pushbutton Traffic Lights? - Traffic Rules in Japan

A lot of foreigners get confused about how to use "Crosswalk Pushbutton Traffic Lights" in Japan. In Japan, some crosswalk has the pushbutton traffic lights. When you want to cross the road, push the button and wait for the traffic lights …

How to get to Happo Pond? (Happo-one Hakuba Nagano Japan)

How to get to Happo Pond? There are 3 ways to get there. Information of Directions and Ticket Prices.

How to get to Hakuba Happo-one Gondola?

Many foreigners ask me for direction to Hakuba Happo-one Gondola. It's a little bit difficult to find how to get there. I will show you the easiest way to get there. Hakuba Station to Happo Gondola This is the easiest way to get there. Hap…