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Hakuba Scenery

Fall Foliage and Snow Capped Mountains Make a Beautiful Scene in Hakuba Nagano Japan 2019/2020 - HAKUBA VALLEY

My most favorite autumn scene in Hakuba is a view of the snow-capped mountains and perfect fall foliages. In the middle of October, In addition to the fall colors, The mountain peaks are turning white.

Reishoji - The most breathtaking spot to see fall foliage in Omachi Nagano, Japan

Reishoji is one of the best places to see fall foliage in my city. Built over 600 years ago, located in Omachi city (Next to Hakuba) Nagano, Japan.

Four seasons landscape in HAKUBA VALLEY

Hakuba is a beautiful place to see the changing four seasons. Here is four seasons landscape from my favorite place in Hakuba.

SAKURA (cherry blossoms) bloom in Autumn at Hakuba Nagano Japan

Do you know some cherry blossoms bloom in Autumn in Japan? Hakuba has the cherry trees that bloom in Autumn.

Autumn in Hakuba - September 2019

Autumn arrives in Hakuba. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. Rice paddy fields turned golden yellow. Autumn flowers are in full bloom. My favorite things to do is go for a walk to get fresh air and admire the autumn colors. In a couple …

The 6 Best Places to See Fall Colours in Hakuba

Hakuba is beautiful in Autumn. These are the most breathtaking spots to see fall foliage in Hakuba.

The beautiful scenery of "Nakayama Kogen Highland"

Nakayama Kogen Highland located in Miasa, Omachi city (next to Hakuba). There's the canola fields in April, and the soba fields in August. The scenery of flowers and the Northern Alps are so beautiful.