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HAKUBA CARD - You can repeatedly recharge lift tickets at the ski resorts in Hakuba


In December 2023, the "Hakuba Card," which allows for repeated recharging of lift tickets at ski resorts in Hakuba Village, was launched. With this card, you can recharge lift tickets for Hakuba Village's ski resorts via the member page on the web, allowing you to hop on the lifts immediately upon arrival at the ski area without waiting in line at the ticket counter.


While it was previously possible to recharge used lift tickets via the web, it was a bit cumbersome as it required separate memberships for each ski resort. The Hakuba Card offers convenience by allowing the charging of lift tickets for various ski resorts using one card and one account.


The Hakuba Card offers lift tickets at online discounted prices!

When you recharge lift tickets with the Hakuba Card, online purchase discounts are applied depending on the ski resort (available at web prices), allowing you to buy them at a lower cost compared to purchasing at the ticket window.


The regular one-day ticket prices are discounted by 500 yen at Iwatake, 1,000 yen at Goryu 47, and 300 yen at Happo compared to buying them at the counter.


Which ski resorts accept the Hakuba Card?

The ski resorts where the Hakuba Card can be used are as follows:

  • Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort
  • Hakuba Happo-One Snow Resort
  • Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort
  • Hakuba Sanosaka Snow Resort


How to Use the Hakuba Card?

Here are the steps to use the Hakuba Card.

  1. Open the Hakuba Village webpage.
  2. Register as a new member.
  3. Choose the ski resort and recharge lift tickets onto your Hakuba Card.


Where can I buy the Hakuba Card?

You can currently purchase the Hakuba Card at two locations:

  • Hakuba Village Tourism Information Center (inside snow peak LANDSTATION HAKUBA)
  • Hakuba Village Tourism Information Center's online shop: HAKUBA ORIGINAL