Itadaki Bakery - The Best Bakery in Omachi Nagano, Japan

Itadaki Bakery is one of my favorite bakeries. The shop located Omachi Nagano, Japan. My favorites are Sandwitchies and Cinnamon apple roll. The Bakery opening Wednesday to Sunday. 10 AM to 6 PM. Normally closed Mondays and Tuesdays. Addre…

APA Hotel & Resort Joetsu Myoko, Japan ーHotel Reviewsー

We went to the APA Hotel & Resort Joetsu Myoko, Japan. Summer lights made using 1.6 million LED lights. So beautiful. Also, we enjoyed the summer fireworks. The hotel has a huge activity area. They have Tennis, Golf, Disk Golf, Cycling, Ba…

Naena Falls Worth Visiting in Japan.

Naena falls is one of the best waterfalls I have ever seen in Japan. 55 meters (180 ft), located in Myoko, Niigata, Japan. Naena falls has been selected as one of “100 greatest waterfalls in Japan”. It takes 15 minutes by walk from parking…

Summer Lights 2020 - Alps Azumino National Government Park

Alps Azumino National Government Park is famous for its holiday light displays. Summer Lights 2020 was so beautiful. Summer Lights 2020 was held in Omachi and Matsukawa Region of Alps Azumino National Government Park. Located in Omachi cit…

Matsumoto Castle - Best places to see cherry blossoms(SAKURA) in Matsumoto Nagano, Japan

Matsumoto Castle is one of the best places to see Cherry Blossoms(SAKURA) in Nagano, Japan. The best time to visit can be April.

Updated HAKUBA VALLEY Ski Resort 2019-2020 Opening Dates

Check out the opening dates for the ski resorts in HAKUBA VALLEY. DATE TAKEN: December 4, 2019. December 4, 2019: Finally, winter is here in Hakuba. It has been snowing since last night. The details of the 2019/2020 ski season-opening date…

How Many Weather Forecast Type on the iPhone Weather App Has?

I wondered how many weather forecast type on the iPhone weather app has. I researched it, and Apple has these weather forecast type. Sunny, Mostly Sunny, Partly Sunny, Clear, Mostly Clear, Cloudy, Mostly Cloudy, Partly Cloudy, Rain, Shower…

Snowing in Hakuba!The First Snowfall in Town

November 20, 2019: It's finally started snowing here in Hakuba Village, but still warm. We need more snow, but that seems not happening anytime soon. We still don't know when Hakuba's snow resorts will open.

Fall Foliage and Snow Capped Mountains Make a Beautiful Scene in Hakuba Nagano Japan 2019/2020 - HAKUBA VALLEY

My most favorite autumn scene in Hakuba is a view of the snow-capped mountains and perfect fall foliages. In the middle of October, In addition to the fall colors, The mountain peaks are turning white.

Hakuba Webcams

Find out what the weather and snow conditions are like in Hakuba Valley. Below is a list of Hakuba webcams. HAKUBA HIGHLAND HOTEL WEBCAM Hakuba Highland Hotel Webcam Hakuba Highland Hotel Webcam is the most popular webcam in Hakuba Valley.…

OYUKIーStylish and Comfortable Snow Gear and Apparel Brand from Niseko Hokkaido Japanー

OYUKI is one of my favorite snow gear and apparel brand. OYUKI was born in Niseko Hokkaido, Japan. OYUKI products ー Gloves, Mitts, Glove Liners, Face and Neck Protection, Head Wear, and Apparel ー are stylish and comfortable. Th…

Quick and easy Japanese Homestyle Sushi "Hand Wrap Sushi" recipe.

Hand Wrap Sushi (Hand-Rolled Sushi) -"Temaki Sushi" in Japanese - is one of traditional, home-style recipes from Japan. Making Hand Wrap Sushi at home isn't difficult. It's so easy. Ingredients SUSHI MIX / SUSHI VINEGAR / DRIED SEAWEED Go …

Christmas Lights 2019-2020 - Alps Azumino National Government Park

Alps Azumino National Government Park is famous for its holiday light displays. The design for the Christmas lights changes every year. The 2019/2020 holiday displays will start lighting from November 2, 2019, to January 5, 2020. "Omachi a…

Reishoji - The most breathtaking spot to see fall foliage in Omachi Nagano, Japan

Reishoji is one of the best places to see fall foliage in my city. Built over 600 years ago, located in Omachi city (Next to Hakuba) Nagano, Japan.

Grocery Stores in Hakuba Nagano, Japan

There are three grocery stores in HAKUBA. "The Big Hakuba," "HAPIA A-coop Hakuba," and "DELiCiA Hakuba." Direction and opening hours.

Laundromats in Hakuba Nagano, Japan

Looking for a laundromat in Hakuba? There is two laundromat. The Big Hakuba "SHIN SENTAKU-SEIKATSU" and "SHABON HAKUBA."

The first snow on the mountains for 2019/2020 - Omachi Nagano Japan

The first snow-capped mountains! The first snowfall on the mountain peaks of 2019/2020 season on October 22, 2019. Mt.Gaki, Mt.Minamisawa, Mt.Fudo, Mt.Kitakuzu, Mt.Renge, Mt.Akasawa, Mt.Narusawa, Mt.Iwakoyazawa, Mt.Jii, Mt.Kashimayari, got…

Four seasons landscape in HAKUBA VALLEY

Hakuba is a beautiful place to see the changing four seasons. Here is four seasons landscape from my favorite place in Hakuba.

SAKURA (cherry blossoms) bloom in Autumn at Hakuba Nagano Japan

Do you know some cherry blossoms bloom in Autumn in Japan? Hakuba has the cherry trees that bloom in Autumn.

How to use Japanese Crosswalk Pushbutton Traffic Lights? - Traffic Rules in Japan

A lot of foreigners get confused about how to use "Crosswalk Pushbutton Traffic Lights" in Japan. In Japan, some crosswalk has the pushbutton traffic lights. When you want to cross the road, push the button and wait for the traffic lights …

Hakuba Village Shopping Guide - HAKUBA VALLEY Nagano, Japan

Discover the best shopping in Hakuba. The Hakuba's Best Shopping recommendations by local.

2019/2020 Kids Ski Free in HAKUBA VALLEY on the third Sunday of every month

The third Sunday of every month is Kids' Free Day at HAKUBA VALLEY. Third Sunday of every month, Kids under 12 are free of charge for skiing/snowboarding in Hakuba valley. Kids' Free Days of 2019/2020 winter season are December 15, January…

When will ski resorts in HAKUBA VALLEY open for the 2019/2020 snow season?

Ski/Snowboard season in HAKUBA is right around the corner. We are waiting for snow resorts opening day. There is the prior opening dates in the last four years.

How to prepare for a Typhoon in Japan? How to find information?

A strong Typhoon Hagibis (Typhoon No. 19) hitting in Japan. These sites have an English page that you can get information about a typhoon. Forecast Japanese Meteorological Agency -You can get the latest information about a typhoon. NEWS NH…

Mt. Shirouma - First Snow of the 2019-2020 Winter in HAKUBA VALLEY

News from Hakuba Sanso Lodge. Today marked the first snowfall of the 2019/2020 winter season at Mount Shirouma. The temperature was minus two degrees celsius this morning (Oct 9, 2019). Winter is just around the corner!

How not to drop your iPhone off the chair lift

Have you ever dropped your phone off the chair lift? Every year a lot of skiers and snowboarders drop their phone from the chair lifts. I am using "Coil Strap" for not drop my iPhone off the chair lifts. Attach the coil strap to the iPhone…

What is the gogglesoc?

goglesoc protect your googles with style. gogglesoc is a goggle cover company based in Whistler, BC, Canada. gogglesoc founders Andy Taylor, Richard Adrian-Smith, and Josh Gray developed a solution to scratched and scuffed goggle lenses wi…

Autumn in Hakuba - September 2019

Autumn arrives in Hakuba. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. Rice paddy fields turned golden yellow. Autumn flowers are in full bloom. My favorite things to do is go for a walk to get fresh air and admire the autumn colors. In a couple …

He is Hakuba village mascot "Victoire Cheval Blanc MURAO III"

Have you met him in Hakuba? If you have visited Hakuba, you may have met him. His name is "Victoire Cheval Blanc MURAO III," Everyone calls him "MURAO." MURAO is the regional mascot for Hakuba village. "Victoire Cheval Blanc" meaning "Vict…

Before you hit the slopes in Hakuba, get familiar with HAKUBA RULES

Before you hit the slopes in Hakuba, get familiar with Hakuba Rules. The Hakuba Rules are official rules for the safety of all visitors to the Hakuba Valley and its ski resorts.