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He is Hakuba village mascot "Victoire Cheval Blanc MURAO III"


Have you met him in Hakuba? If you have visited Hakuba, you may have met him.

His name is "Victoire Cheval Blanc MURAO III," Everyone calls him "MURAO."


MURAO is the regional mascot for Hakuba village. "Victoire Cheval Blanc" means "Victory White Horse" in French, "Murao" is a Japanese name that means "village boy," and I don't know about "III."


MURAO's profile

Here's the profile.

  • Name: Victoire Cheval Blanc MURAO III
  • Place of birth: Pegasus meteor shower
  • Current address: Hakuba Nagano JPN
  • Gender: Male
  • Blood type: He thinks Type B
  • Personality: Relaxed
  • Charm points: Bright red lips
  • Favorite word: GANBA(meaning Good luck)
  • Habitat: Mostly in Hakuba
  • Future dream: Want to be a village chief


Do you want to know more about MURAO?


Do you want to know more about him? 

  • He came from the Pegasus meteor shower on November 23, 2012.
  • There are five members in his family: His mother, father, two sisters, and him.
  • He wishes for love and peace in Hakuba.
  • Easygoing person.
  • His feather is handmade, so He can't fly.
  • He wants to fly like a bird.
  • He has a clear heart like a "northern alps with clear sky."
  • When he gets into the zone, he going to have super strength.
  • His best friends are junior high school students in Hakuba.
  • He talks to himself a lot.
  • He is frequently told he looks apathetic.
  • He is good at skiing, and he started snowboarding recently.
  • He is a little bit jealous of Kamoshika (Japanese serow).
  • He knows the name of alpine plants more than 100.
  • He wants to climb mountains over 2,000 meters high more than three times in a year.
  • Sometimes He has a sudden urge to go outdoor sketching.
  • He admires Spiderman.
  • He is not dating anyone now. He wants a girlfriend.
  • He is forgetful.
  • He knows how to enjoy himself without having to spend money.
  • He is a morning person.
  • He likes to walk, and doesn't drive a car. (Well, He can't drive a car.)
  • Sea or Mountain? Of course, he prefers the Mountains.
  • He has a lot of treasure.
  • He loves Onsen (Japanese hot springs). He always takes a 2hours long bath.
  • He has a smartphone, but he hasn't been able to use all its features of it.
  • He hates needles.
  • He is good at cooking.
  • He loves to eat.
  • He loves to eat Ohyokkuri (Hakuba Happo local food).
  • His favorite onigiri is TSUNAMAYO.
  • His favorite sandwich is a POTATO SALAD SANDWICH.
  • His favorite Ramen is Miso Ramen.
  • His favorite Oden is Mochi-Kincyaku.
  • He likes local sake.
  • He is a connoisseur of Soba.
  • He likes blueberry jam more than strawberry jam.
  • He drinks vegetable juice every day.
  • He likes to drink Chamomile tea before going to bed.
  • He likes bed more than Futon.
  • He likes plaid.
  • He often cries when he watches movies.
  • He likes to do crossword puzzles.
  • He sleeps about 15 hours a night.
  • He likes sleeping face down.
  • He doesn't like haunted houses and horror movies.
  • He likes riding the Oito train.


Wanna know more about him?


His official website: Victoire Cheval Blanc MURAO III