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Before you hit the slopes in Hakuba, get familiar with HAKUBA RULES


Before you hit the slopes in Hakuba, get familiar with Hakuba Rules.

The Hakuba Rules are official rules for the safety of all visitors to the Hakuba Valley and its ski resorts.



  1. "No Skiing Zones" are areas where very dangerous avalanches are easily triggered. These areas are off-limits. Violators will lose their lift privileges.
  2. Passing beyond boundary ropes, nets, and signs is strictly prohibited. We ask guests to observe all posted signs and warnings and to follow the instructions of the Ski Patrol.
  3. The mountains beyond ski area borders are National Parkland, and not managed by the ski areas. Venturing outside ski area boundaries in winter is extremely dangerous.
  4. Any accident outside ski area boundaries that requires the search and rescue efforts of the Ski Patrol or the Kita-Alps Northern Mountain Safety Bureau will be at the full expense of the individual(s) requiring assistance.
  5. All guests must follow the instructions of Ski Patrol and other authorities both within and outside the ski area.
  6. It is the responsibility of all guests to consider not only their safety but also the safety of others at all times.




Before you hit the slopes in Hakuba, make sure you are familiar with Hakuba Rules. And then enjoy JAPOW!