How not to drop your iPhone off the chair lift

Have you ever dropped your phone off the chair lift? Every year a lot of skiers and snowboarders drop their phone from the chair lifts. I am using "Coil Strap" for not drop my iPhone off the chair lifts. Attach the coil strap to the iPhone…

What is the gogglesoc?

goglesoc protect your googles with style. gogglesoc is a goggle cover company based in Whistler, BC, Canada. gogglesoc founders Andy Taylor, Richard Adrian-Smith, and Josh Gray developed a solution to scratched and scuffed goggle lenses wi…

Autumn in Hakuba - September 2019

Autumn arrives in Hakuba. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. Rice paddy fields turned golden yellow. Autumn flowers are in full bloom. My favorite things to do is go for a walk to get fresh air and admire the autumn colors. In a couple …

He is Hakuba village mascot "Victoire Cheval Blanc MURAO III"

Have you met him in Hakuba? If you have visited Hakuba, you may have met him. His name is "Victoire Cheval Blanc MURAO III," Everyone calls him "MURAO." MURAO is the regional mascot for Hakuba village. "Victoire Cheval Blanc" meaning "Vict…

Before you hit the slopes in Hakuba, get familiar with HAKUBA RULES

Before you hit the slopes in Hakuba, get familiar with Hakuba Rules. The Hakuba Rules are official rules for the safety of all visitors to the Hakuba Valley and its ski resorts.

The 6 Best Places to See Fall Colours in Hakuba

Hakuba is beautiful in Autumn. These are the most breathtaking spots to see fall foliage in Hakuba.

How to get to Happo Pond? (Happo-one Hakuba Nagano Japan)

How to get to Happo Pond? There are 3 ways to get there. Information of Directions and Ticket Prices.

How to get to Hakuba Happo-one Gondola?

Many foreigners ask me for direction to Hakuba Happo-one Gondola. It's a little bit difficult to find how to get there. I will show you the easiest way to get there. Hakuba Station to Happo Gondola This is the easiest way to get there. Hap…

2019-2020 HAKUBA Early Bird Season Pass Prices

Hakuba Snow Resort's season passes for the upcoming 2019/2020 season are on sale now!

Hakuba Happo-one Kitaone Kogen resident discount - Summer 2019

Hakuba Happo-one Kitaone Kogen Highland is running special discounts for Hakuba villagers from September 9 to November 4, 2019. Hakuba villagers need only present their ID to receive a discount. Hakuba Happo-one Kitaone Kogen Highland Tick…